If you too have a treasure trove of textile treats... read on!

Make beautiful keepsake pieces from your foraged textile treasures...

Welcome to the second class on offer in my online classroom... SCRAPPY MISH MASH!

This class will show you how to take your favourite foraged textile finds - be they large pieces of old cloth, to the tiniest snippet of lace - and layer them together, with simple stitching, creating unique and meaningful quilts.

Together, we will appreciate taking the time to be considered and respectful with these treasures from yesteryear, and like our foremothers, we will adopt the principles of simplicity and reuse.

Enjoy having a rummage through your collection of beautiful textiles - (old quilt pieces, vintage kitchen and table linens, ribbons/braids, pieces of timeworn tapestries and clothing, as well as new fabrics and notions that have taken your fancy) - and turn them into intricate, decorative quilts to display and treasure.

Watch Intro Video

Welcome to my studio

Are you a lover of textile treasures old and new? Come this way...

You'll learn . . .


Make a cuppa, find somewhere quiet - to begin you'll, need to block the world out for 35 minutes while you enjoy Lisa's trunk show of her five favourite Scrappy Mish Mash quilts.

Then it's time to get started on your own project! Lisa is going to make a new Scrappy Mish Mash quilt, and you'll be following along with her.

The course is designed to take you on a journey at your own pace... you can re-watch and pause when you want to.

We'll decide on a "hero piece", and then progress right through until the final flourish in which you will use Lisa's "whole cloth backing fabric technique" to create your quilt's borders.

Course cost

including your materials kit and worldwide shipping

  • $147.00

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Whats' included . . .

Over 90 minutes of video tutorials which take you  through Lisa's creative process - taking a collection of textile treasures and creating a cohesive, balanced, and personalised keepsake quilt.

Your kit of materials will have everything you need to start your Scrappy Mish Mash project:

  • Your choice* of colour pack: blue, green, red or pink. Treasures will include pieces of quilt, doilies, household linens, sari silk ribbon and other foraged fabric finds.
  • Three balls of Wonderfil perle 8 thread
  • Calico Backing Fabric
  • Tracked shipping anywhere in the world

*Fabrics included in your kit will differ slightly from the pictures below - each one is unique!

*We apologise in advance if your colour choice is unavailable at the time of ordering. We have a limited number of each colour collection.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Forage studio and Scrappy Mish Mash Quilts

    • My mood board

  • 2

    Five of my favourite scrappy mash mash quilts

    • So Humble

    • Bluebird

    • Happiness

    • March 2020 Stitch Along

    • Mum and Me

  • 3

    The Process - From design to assembly

    • Decide on your hero piece and hunt for treasures which complement each other

    • Arrange your chosen goodies onto panels

    • Lay out and arrange the panels

    • Now let's join it all together...

  • 4

    To finish off your project

    • Threads, threads, threads! So many to choose from...

    • Backing and border fabrics

    • Embellishments and finishing flourishes

    • From my studio to yours

  • 5

    Technique Library

    • Blanket Stitch/Reverse Blanket Stitch

    • Couching

    • Lazy Daisy (Detached Chain Stitch)

    • Pistil Stitch

    • Running stitch

    • Chain stitch

    • Whipped chain stitch

    • Back stitch

    • Whipped back stitch

    • Knots

    • Buttons

    • Suffolk puff

What others say. . .

  • Debby, Forage instagram

    "I can't wait for the next class, this is just what we need through lockdown. It's the perfect reason to just sit and enjoy. Lessons are informative and easy to follow (especially as you can watch as often as needed) New to this style of stitching but definitely a convert, thanks."

  • Mandie Tyler, President QuiltNSW

    "Lisa Mattock often mentions that she's 'not a quilter'. I can see from these wonderful Scrappy Mish Mash quilts that if 'not a quilter' in the traditional sense, she is certainly a very talented quilter when it comes to turning her unique style and talent to quiltmaking. What we learn here is to make a completely unique quilt top from items in our own collection as well as the beautifully curated kit which comes with the class. It's like standing in her studio - a very personal experience"

  • Wendy, Sydney

    Thank you Lisa, I have been so very inspired by the Forage School, just fantastic and easy to follow along. I can’t wait for the next online and future series… feeling confident to do Nanna’s beautiful heirlooms justice.

Your slow stitching guide

Slow stitcher and forager

Lisa Mattock

I am lucky to have a very creative Mum who loves all things patchwork, and who instilled in me from an early age the thrill of finding 'treasures' at fetes and garage sales. I spent my early childhood marinating in her eclectic, colorful influence. It was Mum’s enthusiasm and encouragement that first led me to explore my love for textiles - a lifetime addiction to 'reclaimed goodies' has ensued. I have gathered expertise in many creative pursuits as a florist, food stylist, and visual merchandiser, which culminated in owning an upmarket florist and homewares store, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs for many years. These experiences, combined with my long-standing passions for vintage fabrics, recycling, and simple stitching made creating my business, called 'Forage', a natural evolution. It’s a place I can share my passion for discovering and collecting fabrics and embellishments from near and far, both reclaimed/vintage and brand new from our favourite quilt stores. Welcome! I look forward to sharing all that inspires and delights me. Lisa, xx

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