Are you looking to escape the busyness of everyday life?

At Forage, we are devotees of the art of slow stitching.

We embrace the idea of slowing down and recognise the practical beauty of reclaiming, reusing, and repurposing.

Foragers are passionate collectors of beautiful threads, embroidery, appliques, textiles, buttons, and trims. 

We embrace the art of slow stitching, which is anchored in the 'make do and mend' and 'waste not, want not' ethos of yesteryear. 

Slow stitching is a nod to generations who came before, when reusing and recycling were both necessary and admirable. 

Slow stitching embraces the timeworn nature of our materials, and the individuality of our stitching methods. Simplicity and care are the keys.

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Welcome to my studio

Join me, Lisa Mattock, as I share with you my passion for slow stitching and guide you through your first slow stitching project.

You'll learn . . .


From the fabrics you'll need, to the best needles and threads to use, we'll cover all the essentials to get you started on your slow stitching project.


We'll show you how to arrange your fabrics to create a lovely textured background, then stitch them in place using the simplest of stitches.


We'll show you inspirational ideas for adding embellishments to your background panel using colourful fabrics and easy to learn stitches. 


From quilts to cushions and much more, we'll show you ways you can use your stitched projects to create beautiful objects for your home, or for giving. 

Course cost

including your materials kit

  • $130.00

    Unlimited access to all lessons

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Whats' included . . .

Video tutorials to help you start your slow stitching project, with over an hour of content from a seasoned slow stitcher with an international following.

Kit of materials with everything you need to start your first slow stitching project:

  • Calico backing fabric
  • Selection of reclaimed fabrics in neutral tones 
  • Coloured fabrics - choose your colour pack
    [orange/yellow, blue/green, red, pink/purple]
  • Two spools of Wonderfil perle 8 thread
  • Lisa's favourite needle 
  • Lisa's guide to simple stitches
  • Tracked shipping anywhere in the world

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Forage studio

    • Why I love slow stitching

  • 2

    Starting your slow stitching project

    • What you need to get started

    • Creating your slow stitching background

  • 3

    Embellishing and using your stitched panel

    • Embellishing ideas to inspire you

    • Using your stitched panel

  • 4

    Stitch guides

    • Running stitch

    • Chain stitch

    • Whipped chain stitch

    • Back stitch

    • Whipped back stitch

    • Knots

    • Buttons

    • Suffolk puff

  • 5

    From my studio to yours

    • Happy stitching

What others say. . .

  • Jo Micallef, Forage Facebook page

    "Even though I have been lucky enough to be part of Lisa’s 101 class a couple of times in person I still think it a worthwhile investment to have this beautifully produced, packed full of inspiration course sitting on my computer at home to refer to in the wee small hours when I seem to do my stitching. So wonderful that in these extremely difficult times for small business historically dependent on face to face and world travel that you reinvent your platform and not just give up" ❤️

  • Lara Moo, Vice President QuiltNSW

    “I really loved the Slow Stitching workshop I recently attended with QuiltNSW members. Lisa’s relaxed teaching style and passion for her work had us converted very quickly to the philosophy of reusing textiles to create beautiful pieces. Being given a materials kit as part of the class made it very easy to prepare for, and also had me going through my cupboards looking for hidden treasures. Being part of Lisa’s class was a completely relaxing break from everyday life - that seems to be the way of slow stitching.”

  • Louise. Mainly Sewing, Main Ridge, VIC

    "I recently hosted some of Lisa’s workshops and before they began each day I sensed some uncertainty amongst the participants as nobody knew anyone and some people were stepping into unknown territory with little or no sewing experience. Once we got started, Lisa took gentle control of the groups and encouraged the students to find their creativity and let it blossom in a fun environment. I watched as Lisa skillfully enabled each of her students to grow in confidence. All participants left the class at the end of the day happy in the knowledge that they had the skills to complete their project and not just put it in a cupboard to be forgotten or avoided due to frustration about what to do next. In my experience, the sense of empowerment gained from Lisa’s class is rare and extremely valuable."

Your slow stitching guide

Slow stitcher and forager

Lisa Mattock

I am lucky to have a very creative Mum who loves all things patchwork, and who instilled in me from an early age the thrill of finding 'treasures' at fetes and garage sales. I spent my early childhood marinating in her eclectic, colorful influence. It was Mum’s enthusiasm and encouragement that first led me to explore my love for textiles - a lifetime addiction to 'reclaimed goodies' has ensued. I have gathered expertise in many creative pursuits as a florist, food stylist, and visual merchandiser, which culminated in owning an upmarket florist and homewares store, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs for many years. These experiences, combined with my long-standing passions for vintage fabrics, recycling, and simple stitching made creating my business, called 'Forage', a natural evolution. It’s a place I can share my passion for discovering and collecting fabrics and embellishments from near and far, both reclaimed/vintage and brand new from our favourite quilt stores. Welcome! I look forward to sharing all that inspires and delights me. Lisa, xx

Are you ready to slow down?

I'd love you to join me in my studio.